EAP Network is focused on providing the most effective and responsive employee assistance program available.  While we have a nationwide network of professionals to respond to any need, our core concern is our New England based companies. This is by design. Our senior staff have been able to establish a rapport with managers and employees, offering expert, timely, personalized service. Our on site training isn’t subcontracted, but performed by our senior staff and offered on an unlimited basis.

We believe the best counseling is face to face counseling, not the newest EAP push toward less expensive and less effective telephone and online services. There is no substitute for meeting with a trained professional and designing a personal plan. There is no one size fits all when it comes to life problems. We respond quickly and competently to our companies and their employees, especially during times of stress and challenge.

Our goal is not to be the largest and most profitable EAP in the country; our goal is to be the best.

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